App Marketing AI in an era of Data Scarcity

In this episode, Diego Meller interviewed Lomit Patel, VP of Growth at IMVU and best-selling author of Lean AI.

Watch the video to hear Lomit Patel’s expert take on:

  • Leveraging the right partners to scale with Lean AI
  • How to gain user insights more efficiently using machine learning
  • Key success metrics for effective customer acquisition
  • Moving from IDFA to probabilistic attribution
  • What app marketers need to sail through the automation journey

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Lomit Patel is the Vice President of Growth at IMVU. Prior to IMVU, Lomit managed growth at early-stage startups including Roku (IPO), TrustedID (acquired by Equifax), Texture (acquired. by Apple) and EarthLink. Lomit is a public speaker, author, advisor, featured in Forbes Magazine and recognized as a Mobile Hero by Liftoff. Lomit’s new bestselling book Lean AI, is part of Eric Ries' "The Lean Startup" series.