Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Lomit Patel, has had deep experience in Silicon Valley, growing businesses that eventually got acquired, with his recent venture, IMVU, uses AI to provide tremendous cost-savings in the social media space.

So, what does the role of intuition have when it comes to AI?

Intuition clearly has a very pivotal role, and Lomit talks about how leveraging intuition is an essential precursor before implementing any AI application.

This article first appeared on Intuitionology


Lomit Patel is the Chief Growth Officer of Tynker, with 20 years of experience helping startups grow into successful businesses. Lomit has previously played a critical role in scaling growth at startups, including Roku (IPO), TrustedID (acquired by Equifax), Texture (acquired. by Apple), and IMVU (#2 top-grossing gaming app). Lomit is a public speaker, author, and advisor, with numerous accolades and awards throughout his career, including being recognized as a Mobile Hero by Liftoff. Lomit's book Lean AI is part of Eric Ries' best-selling "The Lean Startup" series.